Sept 4-5, 2017 Malmö, Sweden
The Conference

The Attendee

The Conference is nothing without our lovely participants. Some are first timers, a couple have been with us from day one, all are fabtastic. Scroll down and get to know who’s coming.

Susanna Rankenberg

Community management consultant and voice-over artist @ DR and Rankenberg.Com

Susanna has become a bit of a regular here at The Conference, after all, located in Copenhagen, she's just a train ride away. In her podcast Techistens she merges technology and existence, which we like aaa-lot.

What excites you?

Solving problems, great communications and nice sound.

What’s the best part about your job?

Since I have two jobs it’s two things: Helping nice and accomplished people unfold their personal brand on social media, and: speaking into microphones.

You’ve been at The Conference for several years now, why do you keep coming back?

Many reasons, but the most important reason is this: The curation. Every year I know for certain that the topics and speakers I meet are going the be the hottest topics and speakers for the coming year in the sphere of innovation and new media. That puts me ahead on trends and knowledge.

Lifehack that makes your world go round a bit easier?

I take screenshots on many devices during a day. The day Dropbox allowed screenshots on different devices to land in the same folder, my life got a lot easier.

Bertram Gugel

Video product developer at Gugelproductions

Bertram attended The Conference last year and will be joining us this year as well. He's a video expert so with AR and VR on the rise, we figured, why not ask his opinion on it.

What excites you?

The intersection of TV, Film and the Internet and all the products, stories and opportunities that arise out of this new space. Also, I'm excited by utopian futures guiding us away from the current dystopian narrative.

What’s the best part about your job?

Working in lots of different contexts and companies with a wide variety of teams and people. Also witnessing and shaping the emerging digital video ecosystem with its new talents and products is very thrilling.

What's the one thing we have to overcome with AR right now?

Climbing the ladder in content and making it more about stories instead of technology and features.

Next big thing in video?

Using computer vision to shape new narratives and enhance the existing "simple" input -> output mechanism to adapt to our context and needs. Hopefully, video becomes more of a network of small streams instead of one river everyone has to follow.

(Also, a quick shoutout to Annette Koroll for the photo)