Sept 4-5, 2017 Malmö, Sweden
The Conference


As always we want to explore who sets the agenda, what changes the playing field and how we all can shape society from now on.

We believe there is beautiful energy to draw from the intersection between art, culture, technology, business and policy making. The disciplines all deals with the same problems but from different perspectives and desired outcomes. By gathering diverse perspectives we want to enable participants to gain holistic views on ways forward, allowing for an understanding and respect for systems and ecosystems.

The Conference 2017 will be a super curated experience where you, for two days, will be relieved from decision making. It will be one track - lined up with 30 magnificent speakers who will explore our main themes: Human behavior, new technology and how to make things happen.

The full program will be announced in May. For now, check out 300+ talks from previous years in our video archive.


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